Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That one post which introduces the writer of this blog.

As excited as I am to get going posting this blog (and trust me, it's either this or go and do homework so I'm SUPER excited), I always feel like I should get something up about me first, you know? Not that I expect anyone to actually take an interest in this blog, you understand, but it's fun anyway and so I don't mind if no one reads it but me.

So let's start.

Hello! My name is Taylor and I'm a college sophomore. I'm a Christian and a Whovian (which means, for those not in the know, I love the television show called Doctor Who - and by the way, season seven this Saturday? I am about to keel over from anticipation.), and a fledgling Trekkie (trying to be, anyway, but so far no red shirts have died - I feel like the universe has lied to me!) Stephen Fry is just about my favorite person in the world, not for any particular reason but just because he's great. I'm American but my friends are convinced that I should have been born British. I love cars, thanks to Top Gear, and have a slightly embarrassing habit of ogling nice cars I see while driving with my friends.

And I love, love, love, love, LOVE to crochet! I just love the feeling of MAKING things! It's as good as writing (which I also do, and am good at, and very much enjoy) but when you're done, you can cuddle what you've made and it doesn't take any effort to convince people to look at what you did! It's pretty great.

Most of the things I've made have come about for a couple of different reasons:  either I find I have a need for it (I've made baskets and bags to get my dorm organized), I wanted to give it to someone (dolls and scarves make excellent Christmas presents), someone asked me to make it for them (I've made a lovely Dragonair plushie and a big, cuddly teddy bear), or I had a burning desire to use up some yarn (like the cuddly Daleks up above)!

My first step when I'm trying to develop a pattern is always to check around the internet and see if anything has a pattern like what I want. If they do, I'll just use that because I'm super lazy and making patterns is difficult. More often than not, though, I'll just look for ideas on how to start, or how to improve what I already know how to do.

Actually, thinking about it, I probably should have started this blog with that teddy bear debacle. That was a laugh and a half, let me tell you. (Read: it frustrated the heck out of me for months!) Oh well, live and learn!

(by the way, check me out on Etsy! If you like the things on this blog, you'll like my shop. And I love making things for people, so if you have something specific you want, let me know! Here or Etsy, either works.)

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